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The Hangar Z Podcast

The Hangar Z Podcast interviews dive deep into the individuals who play crucial roles within aerial firefighting, search & rescue, EMS, and law enforcement sectors. Our episodes feature insightful conversations with pilots, tactical flight officers, flight nurses & paramedics, and the indispensable aircraft maintenance technicians who form the backbone of aviation unit operations.

Launched in August 2020, host Jon Gray, a retired police helicopter pilot in Southern California, pioneered the Hangar Z Podcast, which stands as the inaugural and sole podcast dedicated to celebrating and delving into the personnel and equipment integral to the realm of public safety aviation.

In November 2020, Jeff Ratkovich, a former Southern California police helicopter pilot and present EMS helicopter pilot in Tennessee, joined as co-host, further enriching the podcast’s perspectives.

By March 2023, Vertical-Valor Magazine recognized the significance of The Hangar Z and acquired it to expand the influence of Vertical Magazine into the Rotorcraft Industry. This collaboration serves the dual purpose of bolstering and nurturing The Hangar Z’s podcast listener base.

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